Airbrush & Prep

Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup is the art of using an airbrush to spray foundation onto the skin which creates an HD ready finish. It was first used on film sets and makeup videos.

I chose airbase as my airbrush makeup of choice as it is silicone based and water proof and will withstand sweat and tears, making it perfect for every occasion. It is super long lasting and can be applied with any level of coverage, it is fantastic for clear or blemished skin for a superb finish.

The finish and long lasting effect of airbase airbrush makeup is fantastic!


How to prepare for your trial and the wedding day


To get the most from your trial there are a few things you can do to prep your skin and hair.


The makeup will apply to the skin best if the skin has been exfoliated to smooth away any dead skin and moisturised appropriately during the previous few days.

Eyebrows should be shaped and tidied before makeup application (no less than 4 hours before makeup)

If you have oily skin it's best to avoid moisturising before I apply your makeup.


Hair may be washed on the day, but should be dry when I arrive, unless it's being blow dried.

Shampoo your hair twice and use no conditioner especially if you have heavy, straight, glossy hair or you want lots of volume in your hairstyle or blow dry. If your hair is dry or becomes easily tangled, it's fine to use conditioner on the mid-lengths and ends of your hair.

If you are unsure whether to have your hair trimmed before your trial or wedding day, I can allow extra time at the trial to give you a trim so that we get it just right and there's no need for either of us to worry that it will be too short (a trim is an extra £15).

A trial and how long it takes

A hair trial may take up to 2 hours for an individual booking.

A makeup trial takes up to 1hour 30 minutes per individual booking.

A hair and makeup trial combined may take up to 3hours 30minutes for an individual booking.

If a trial takes longer than this, the extra time will be charged at £20 per hour.

For two or more people having their trial together, these times are usually considerably reduced per person, for example a hair and makeup trial for 3 people is usually around 6-7 hours in total.

What to expect from your trial 

I will travel to you for your trial. My prices are inclusive of travel within a 15 mile radius of Lincoln. Any further and I must ask for more to cover my time and travel expenses.
We will discuss how you would like your hair and or makeup. If you could have some pictures to show me of hair styles you like, that will be very helpful.

At a makeup trial we will discuss any allergies you may have, any problems you may have had with makeup in the past, and if you have found one particular type of makeup works best on your skin than another.

 At a hair trial, we can look at any hair accessories you have and would like to use, your veil if you are having one and then begin working on the final look.

Why a trial?

A trial is  fairly essential for brides for hair and makeup. A trial allows us to see which hairstyles work with your hair and let you make a decision before the day, therefore making everything run smoothly on the day of the wedding. It also allows us to test out the makeup which seems most likely to suit your skin and be sure you don’t react to it in any way and that it lasts as long as you’d like it to.

 Do Bridesmaids need a trial?

 Bridesmaids aren’t always able to have a hair trial, but it is preferable for them to have one to save decision making on the wedding day, or discovering that their hair isn’t suited to the style which has been chosen for them. It therefore saves time and stress on the day. If it isn’t possible for them to have a trial, I will need as much information about their hair as you can give me. Printed pictures of them and of how you would like them to have their hair would be very useful so that we may discuss them at your trial. Makeup trials are preferable, but not essential for bridesmaids unless they have very sensitive skin.